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Who is this guy?

I’m a fellow Australian who enjoys video games and music. I’ve been running a YouTube channel for a while where I commentate playthroughs of various video games I’ve enjoyed (and some not so much enjoyed). I’ve also been live streaming these playthroughs on my Twitch channel before the end up on YouTube.

I also do some hobby programming on the side. My big project that I work on is a modular Discord bot in C# called BlendoBot. I really want to keep toying around with different things and learn more about programming, as well as make other cool projects later on!

So what do you post here?

On this blog I’ll be posting either things I’m working on, opinions, or just generally writing about things I’ve experienced and done. I want to put some thoughts on things I do down in written form so I can remind myself about it later, and perhaps you might enjoy what I write here!